Your Calendar is Your Canvas

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Does keeping a schedule sound like a bore? Does it feel like one more thing you "should" be doing, but your free spirit self just wants to do everything spontaneously? What if you looked at your calendar as the canvas on which you created the life you want to live? What if instead of looking at it as the place to keep your "have-to's," you looked at it as the place you design your "get-to's?" Your time for you, your time to create, your time to try something new? What if you arranged your have-to's in a way that ensured space to play? And then....and here's the kicker....keep your appointments with yourself just as sacred as your appointment times with others. Try it for a week. See how much more free you actually feel!

I use a combo of a Google calendar and a paper calendar with columns for each day. The electronic version is where I set "buckets" of time so that I can organize my day in a way that makes sense. I also schedule dance breaks and walks and appointments here--and sync it to my phone so that I can get the alerts. Those alerts are the best because they remind me to keep my promises to myself! It's taken a lot of trial and error to come up with a version of scheduling that works for me and feels supportive instead of restrictive. Don't be afraid to try all the versions you see on Pinterest until one works for you! Start simple. Fail a bunch. Learn. Try a different way. Design the life you want to live and enjoy the living!!