Wild Love

Have you ever seen a dandelion in the mountains? It looks very different than the ones growing in your yard--so much more magnificent, actually! But even growing in your yard, these are beautiful rays of sunshine that grow easily, spread wishes, and light up the faces of small children and mothers who accept their grubby offering of dandelion bouquets. So how do they get such a bad rap? Oh....that's right.....because we call them a weed. They are everywhere--growing in the cracks in the sidewalk, blanketing an uncared for lawn, getting tracked into a new place and growing with abandon. And that very quality, the ability to grow anywhere and spread light and joy gets them labeled a weed.....a flower that simply isn't wanted, that doesn't belong, that doesn't "fit."

How often have you felt like that? Not wanted, not belonging, not fitting in? Kind of hard to be spectacular when you feel that way, right? You might keep trying to grow in all of the rocky places, popping up in the cracks, spreading your love, just hoping to be picked for that little bouquet before the lawnmower comes and runs you down.

What if no one had ever told you that you were a weed, not even your own self? What if you were free to spread your love and share your light? What if you recognized your capacity to shine anywhere was a beautiful gifts? What if you were free to be your amazing and spectacular self without having to spread yourself too thin in a hope to prove how worth picking you are? What if you were free to reach for the sun and the stars and to grow wild and explore new places and new ideas and never have anyone tell you to make yourself smaller, quieter, less sensitive, or that you don't belong? What if you were free to be less fluffy and simply develop the radiant qualities that you already have within you?

Then you would simply be beautiful and free to be your unique self. Just look to the mountain dandelion to see how it's done. Grow wild, my friend. Fiercely rooted. Unabashedly bright. Magnificent in every way.