Healing Through Story Sharing

Sharing our stories is the very core of being human. We do it through storytelling and creating art and song and in late night talks or anecdotes shared online and comics and and and.

What happens when you’re living a life that is the kind people don’t talk about?

We think we’re alone, that we’re broken for feeling the way we feel, that we are somehow deficient in not being able to rescue or fix it into what we think it “should” be.

When I joined a group for wives of alcoholics, I about fell off my chair in reading stories that were similar to mine. Reading stories from women who watched their husbands make the same drunken choices or have the same effects from drinking. Reading about the heartbreak they also feel over loving someone who is suffering so deeply and how they are trying to love them enough to “fix” it. And the despair that love really isn’t enough. Love really isn’t all you need.

This is why I share. This is why I use my voice. Sharing the tip of the iceberg of where I’ve been, but more importantly, sharing that it is possible to find healing and JOY for myself and to be free of my own faulty habits and the toxic thinking that kept me smothered in a blanket of depression, shame, and shoulds.

I’ve been incredibly humbled by the messages I’ve already received in response to this podcast. Give it a listen. And know that I read my messages; please feel free to reach out.