Feel Your Feelings

Anger, sadness, fear, guilt, envy, hate.....what feelings are you pushing down because you don't think you "should" feel them?

What are you stuffing these feelings down with? Overeating? Drinking too much? Blaming others? Victimhood? Relationship hopping? Too much work?

The fact is, we don't only have "positive" emotions. We have an array of feelings and when we don't let ourselves feel them, they often manifest differently in an attempt to get us to wake up and listen.

What if you let yourself feel them for a change? What if you let yourself sit with the feelings and listen to what they have to teach you? What if that anger is telling you something is hurting you and you need to start paying attention? What if that sadness is telling you it's okay to grieve the life you thought you would have? What if that fear was telling you that it's okay to practice being brave? What if that guilt was telling you it's okay to let go of the Pinterest parenting that isn't really your cup of tea? What if the envy was telling you it's okay to want to work towards something different? What if the hate was telling you that it's okay to forgive and let someone go for your own peace?

Only you can know what those feelings are trying to tell you. And if you'd like added support in sitting with them to hear them out, let me know. Hit that button at the top to schedule a free call today!