Choosing Happiness Is Not a One-Time Thought

Choosing to be happy is about more than just changing your attitude. We talk about it like it's some kind of switch you just turn on in your head, and that's true to a degree. But if you have circumstances or habits that keep you from living a life you love....that keep you from following your dreams.....or that just keep you miserable and stuck in the shoulds.....then it's time to do more than just practice positive thinking. It's time to love yourself enough to act!!!

I'm not proposing you leave your kids and go Eat Pray Love your way across Europe. I'm talking about loving yourself enough to turn off that Netflix binge, to tell Ben & Jerry to wait for another time, to go finally buy those running shoes you've been talking about, to get those art supplies off the shelf, to pull out that journal and get serious about making a plan that gets you from where you are right now to where you want to be in ten years.

And The Universe may just surprise you!! Once you get clear about where you want to be and taking baby step action towards it, you will be shocked at the way The Universe steps up to provide opportunities sooner, to lead your footsteps, and to move obstacles. The Universe has your back---and it absolutely will provide you more of what you focus on. Focusing on Netflix just gets you more Netflix-- "how the heck did it get so late??" Easily. It happened when we didn't make a conscious choice to do something different. Making that choice to do something different? You'll be surprised at what shows up to support you!

Struggling? Need a nudge in making that clear plan or coming up with that vision? I've been helping women get clear on their goals and action steps for over a decade and I would be honored to help you do the same! Hit that schedule button at the top. Let's do this.