Be Kind

Be Kind. Two words that can make such an incredible difference when we remember to do them. Be Kind includes being kind to yourself. It includes saying what needs to be said. It includes doing what needs to be done, even when we don't feel like it. And in keeping with our talk about harmony and unity this week? Being kind paves the way for the unity of love as we very much embody the harmony of being different together.

When I was little, my elementary school had a school song written by our school custodian. I can still remember many of the words: "Be ye kind, one to another. Tender-hearted, forgiving one another. Caring and sharing, that is our school motto. Do do doodly do...caring and sharing we do. Shoo-wa!" What great advice to plant seeds in young minds!

Be kind. Something I have always strived for. Something I have have failed at on many occasions. And something I never even dreamed applied to myself until recently. I didn't realize that being kind to myself meant speaking up when I had feelings or opinions. I didn't realize that being kind to myself meant taking care of my body, my mind, my spirit. I worked tirelessly to care for others. To get up early, to stay up late, to work too much, to suppress my feelings when they were hurt, to ignore my heart when what I saw didn't match what I heard. I had too many conversations with my girls telling them how to live differently than how I was showing them.

I am so thankful everyday for the help I found when I was at my absolute lowest. The teachings from women who had been where I was helped me to learn to be kind to myself. To listen to my intuition. To use my voice to speak up. To evaluate what is real and think critically to make choices for my future. To show my daughters how to be kind to themselves and to others--that the two are not mutually exclusive! To show them how to have difficult conversations and make impossible choices with kindness and love. And to learn everyday from their example of being kind and loving.

If you're ready to choose you, to learn how to give yourself the kindness that you've been giving everyone else, schedule a free call with me today. The Wild Radiant Love Signature Coaching program will take you through the steps to rediscover--or discover for the first time--your inner radiance. Your wild and beautiful soul is waiting to be unleashed!