Abuse Recovery with Karleigh Lynne

I had a blast recording this podcast with the fiery badass tough love abuse recovery Queen—@Karleigh.Lynne. She will tell you like it is with the perfect blend of sass and love.

And you read that right. We talked straight up about the realities of abuse and the full on messiness that is the path to recovery and had a freaking blast doing so. Because abuse has already robbed too much from us. Abuse thrived in the darkness and tried to leave us with shame in the swirling fog.

But it didn’t win. We both stood up and said no way are we living like this for one more second. We chose to take the brave first steps and to find joy in our journey back to healthy and we will laugh and smile and dance in the rain. We will use our voices that were silenced for too long to give that glimmer of hope that you are not alone!! Every single time I hear someone else share their story, I’m struck by how similar they all are. The words are often the same. The feelings we are left with is often the same. Are there differences? Of course. But abuse is abuse, and my friend? You are NOT alone on this path. We’ve been there and now we’re ready to provide that personalized support in learning what the hell it is that you’re experiencing right now and here for you to lean on when you’re ready to rebuild your life into one you love.

I’ve already heard from a few of you and how much this podcast resonated with you. I’m truly honored to share my story with you and hear that it helps. Share it with your friends. Because, like we talk about here, this stuff is so common that people think it’s normal. Normal does NOT equal healthy. Share this so that friend who thinks they’re alone in not being “good enough” to make it stop knows that they are absolutely worthy of love and they are absolutely not alone.

You deserve a life of love. And that love starts with you. Love yourself. Value yourself. Trust yourself. Baby steps. You’ll get there. And we are cheering you on!